Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus


Frankenstein – a hyped up society – a myth of the creative human being – the story of hubris.
Driven by the passion for the experiment, the pleasure of the mutual game, to make the dead matter alive. 4 puppeteer and 2 music artists from three different generations with alchemy, magic and electricity the risky underpinned of the confusion. They amalgamate six artistic approaches on a material that frightens the people in a soft way, since the British author Mary Shelley contrive it in Lake Geneva in the year 1816. Throughout the centuries the creation of the monster is seen as a romantic project for different aspirations and fears. The infernal, divine and iridescent music in the laboratory will make your blood boil.


Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus

Leipzig (GER)
December 25.01. 26.01. 27.01 20:00 CET

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