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Workshop: Tableau vivant

10. May 2024
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The workshop includes warming up the body, exercises and improvisations as well as the development of a collaborative scenic fragment of approx. 20 minutes. Techniques, strategies and dramaturgies of visual non-verbal narration are taught. In a joint working process, the steps and approaches for a scenic fragment are developed that tell the story purely through imagery. To do this, all participants are encouraged to develop their own scenic tableau vivant under guidance. This works with an object or material as well as with scenic cuts through blacks. The solos are then intertwined with the tableaus of the other participants in a group process. Each tableau should break familiar patterns of perception and perspectives and question them in a playful way. The messages and stories are intended to amaze the viewer in terms of content and visuality. From the Tableau Vivant islands, an attempt is made to generate a collective narrative about images. In connection with an object as a carrier of memories, metaphors, symbols and suggestions are used to create a projection surface that can absorb and reflect the feelings and fantasies of the audience.