Trickster – Catch me if you can!

16. February 2018
Hannover (GER)
COMMEDIA FUTURA / tanzOFFensive 2018
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Inspired by the mythological gure of the Trickster and the fairground booth, Jan Jedenak involves the audience in a dodgy game of throwing and shooting. A game who’s aim is transformation, the desire for manipulation and the responsibility of the audi- ence. ey are invited to attend the skinning of multiple personalities, become the wire- puller of the event, and perhaps encounter the strangeness in their own thoughts and desires.

Performance, Stage and Costume Design: Jan Jedenak
Direction: Florian Feisel
Music: Morgan Daguenet
Mentoring in Dance: Sonia Franken
Dramaturgical & Conceptual Mentoring: Jonas Klinkenberg
Light Design: Florian Feisel, Jan Jedenak
Graphics & Marketing: Peter Ardmar, Sophie Uli Ulrich
Photo: Thilo Neubacher

In cooperation with FITZ! Stuttgart, Schaubude Berlin,
West Flügel Leipzig, LILARUM Vienna
Supported by the department of Cultural A airs of the city of Stuttgart and the Department of puppetry at the State University HMDK Stuttgart.

Duration: 60 minutes
Premiere: 2016