/SÉANCE/ – Sequences interpreting the invisible

10. February 2023
Theater Heilbronn-Boxx

Inspired by Guy de Maupassants fictitious diary “Le Horla” Séance invokes the invisible by means of motivic minimalist sequences. In the spotlight moments of the past springing from some mind lost in lunacy freeze accompanied by sinistre recordings of sound. Playing a game with the haze of light and unsettled perception Séance, between light and shadow, tries to catch the uncanny presence of what is absent.

Performance, Set Design, Conception: Jan Jedenak
Artistic Mentoring: Florian Feisel/
Sound Design: Maximilian Leistikow, Jan Jedenak
Photo: Florian Feisel

Supported by the Department of puppetry at the State University HMDK Stuttgart.

Winner of the Fritz Wortelmann Award 2015

Duration: 20 minutes
Premiere: 2015