Private Dreams & Public Nightmares – Archives of fear

26. July 2019
Westflügel Leipzig (GER)
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“Give them pleasure. The same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.” ― Alfred Hitchcock

Fears and fear accompany us always and everywhere – often unnoticed. Our everyday life is full of decisions that are connected to fears. Fears of our childhood are often better remembered than we are aware of our own personal fears right now. Are you a fearful person? What are you afraid of? What does fear mean to you? When was the last time you thought about your fear? What about nightmares? Do you like nightmares?

Jedenak and Klinkenberg invite you to engage with the topic of fear and to trace the presence of this phenomenon in everyday, personal, social and political contexts. Experiments, discussions and workshops prepare you for an overnight stay in Westflügel – a night in which nightmares may occur. An immersive fear lab experimenting with psychological experiments and participative role-play to confront you with your very own abysses and distorted images. A night in the old ballroom, between dreams and reality The focus is not to be scared, but rather to connect to fear and to observe what this fear really is.

a participative Installation of 12 hours
by Jan Jedenak and Jonas Klinkenberg at Westflügel Leipzig

Registration obligatory | service@westfluegel.de | westfluegel.de