Macbeth by William Shakespeare

3. February 2018
Aalen (GER)
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Lady Macbeth and her husband are ambitious: They want power, whatever the cost. For this they commit a murder. And the more power they have, the more afraid they are to lose it. And so the killing goes on and on. The Aalen version of William Shakespeare’s famous work places the couple in the foreground and creates a cosmos of kings, nobles, servants and royal children around them with the help of puppet theater.

Performance: Arwid Klaws, Alice Katharina Schmidt und Anne Brüssau, Robert Buschbacher, Emilien Truche
Directing and Staging: Tonio Kleinknecht and Jan Jedenak
Assistent: Kerstin Pell
Music: Claus Wengenmayr
Dramaturgy: Tina Brüggemann
Puppets: Janusz Debinski
Costume: Stephanie Krey
Photo: Municipal Theatre Aalen, Peter Schlipf

In cooperation with the Department of puppetry at the State University HMDK Stuttgart.

Duration: 90 minutes

Premiere: 2017