IMPRINT [imagine absence]

4. May 2019
FITZ - Theater animierter Formen
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Three players fantasize their own absence. Inspired by the aesthetics of old post mortem
photography they question their own disappearance using a puppet, masks and other
objects. An attempt to summon the undescribable and unimaginable. A search for inner
hidden places. A reference to the otherworldly of the visible world. A dialogue with the

Performance: Anne Brüssau, Gilda Coustier, Sonia Franken / Direction: Jan Jedenak/ Music: Julian Siffert / Dramaturgy: Jonas Klinkenberg / Puppet & Masks: Janusz Debinski / Costume: Judith Schöntag / Stage design: Jan Jedenak / Lightning design: Marius Alsleben, Jan Jedenak / Graphic design, PR & Marketing: Peter Ardmar

A production by Dekoltas Handwerk in coproduction with the FITZ! Theater of animated forms Stuttgart, Schaubude Berlin and LILARUM Vienna

Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart and the Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg e.V. by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts of the State of Baden-Württemberg Germany and Fonds Darstellende Künste E.V. from the funds of the federal government commissioner for culture and media.

The Research on this project was supported by the Fond Darstellende Künste e.V. in 2018 with the topic “Thanatos Archiv”.