Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus

12. September 2020
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Frankenstein – a hyped up society – a myth of the creative human being – the story of hubris.
Driven by the passion for the experiment, the pleasure of the mutual game, to make the dead matter alive. 4 puppeteer and 2 music artists from three different generations with alchemy, magic and electricity the risky underpinned of the confusion. They amalgamate six artistic approaches on a material that frightens the people in a soft way, since the British author Mary Shelley contrive it in Lake Geneva in the year 1816. Throughout the centuries the creation of the monster is seen as a romantic project for different aspirations and fears. The infernal, divine and iridescent music in the laboratory will make your blood boil.

Directing: Hendrik Mannes
Directing-Assistence, Dramaturgy: Antonia Christl
Assistence: Leonie Sowa
Performance, Staging: Winnie Luzie Burz, Jan Jedenak, Stefan Wenzel,
Michael Vogel
Live-Music: Johannes Frisch, Charlotte Wilde
Voice-Over: Ilka Schönbein
Metal construction: Christian Schmit
Photo: Dana Ersing, Thilo Neubacher
Trailer: Thilo Neubacher

Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel Leipzig and Johannes Frisch Karlsruhe
A coproduction with FITZ! Stuttgart and Westflügel Leipzig

Supported by the Chair of Applied Physics at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nueremberg (FAU).

Duration: 80 minutes
Premiere: 2017