TOI TOI TOI – Higher, Faster, Further


A sportive joyride with three men and their loo, which skedaddle to the bottom and climax in a Babylonian manner. A warm wind? A milestone? Or the runs?

Find out more about the three heroes and follow them on their journey to the deepest innards and the most protected places on earth. Experience grace, rhythm, acrobatics, romance, voyeurism, passion, seduction, politics, vampirism, architecture or let´s just say:
Think about what would you write on the walls of a toilet.

Performance, Idea, Staging: Jan Jedenak, Sascha Bufe, Eike Schmidt
Artistic development: Stefanie Oberhoff

Supported by the Department of puppetry at the State University HMDK Stuttgart.

Premiere: 2014
Duration: 40 minutes