“Obscene” describes the all-too-visible, which one should refuse to look at and should therefore only be ob scaena outside the scene / stage. This performative installation directs the viewer’s gaze to an isolated human body in a terrarium. A body that presents itself for the view from the outside in order to make itself available for the phantasies of the viewer. The glass creates a tension between extreme isolation and transparent closeness. Using a cupping system, this body invites you to communicate through the glass through the bare skin. In the interplay of imagination and haptics, the sensual exchange leaves an imprint on the bodies without them actually ever touching each other.

Developed in July 2020 as part of “The Temple – A Walk-In Vision” of the West Flügel Leipzig

artistic direction: Jonas Klinkenberg

Concept & performance: Jan Jedenak

outside eye & artistic advice: Li Kemme