Foam of the daze


Objects, figures, artists, music, language and foam
according to the roman by Boris Vian

It´s like a jazz session with quite harmonies and massive sounds. Five artists changing something banal to a marvelous work. The subject is about an attitude towards life of surreal poem, parodic existentialism and the celebration of hedonism. The life has to be more extravagant, delicious and appealing.

Hipness is not a state of mind, it’s a fact of life.“ (Cannonball Adderley)

Colin and Chick spend their days with jazz, philosophy and amazing dinner. Chick fell in love with Alise to get an existential experience. Colin finds Chloe, who seems to be hired by Duke Ellington. Between the couples is the chef Nicolas. He is witnessing a love story with ups and downs. A water lily is growing in Chloe´s chest, which is taking her breath away…

The production is including five artists with different views and who visited the university of Stuttgart. They are creating together with the direction team of Hendrik Mannes and Antonia Christl an adaptation of the roman by Boris Vians “L’écume des jours”

Directing: Hendrik Mannes
Directing-Assistent, Dramaturgy: Antonia Christl
Performance, Staging, Live-Music: Maik Evers, Jan Jedenak, Samira Lehmann,
Katharina Muschiol and Stefan Wenzel
Production Manager: Jonas Klinkenberg, Janne Weirup and Josephine Gehrt
Trailer: Thilo Neubacher

A production from Gruppe K,  Lehmann und Wenzel and Dekoltas Handwerk

A coproduction with Westflügel Leipzig, FITZ! Stuttgart and Schaubude Berlin

Supported by the department of Cultural Affairs of the city of Leipzig and
LAFT Baden-Wuerttemberg

Duration: 80 minutes
Premiere: 2016